Welcome back Golfers to Guam’s very own Virtual Par-Tee!

Golfers have again the freedom to choose the day that they participate. Players will have the chance to interact virtually and play golf with other participants, post and share content to the GWCC website – and win sweet prizes. To make the tournament fair for all players, the format will be Two-Person Best Ball.

How does it work?

The GWCC virtual golf Par-Tee is just like a traditional round of golf, following all applicable, current PCOR guidelines and safety protocols, but golfers can play their round within the dates provided. The Par-Tee’ers are encouraged to play a round of golf at Starts Guam Golf Course between May 8th and October 30th.

Tee-times are difficult to obtain as most golf courses are booked in advance. For players’ convenience, tee-times have been reserved for several days. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no need for golfers to be at the course at the same time. Players show up and play according to the Starts Guam Golf course Covid-19 rules approved by DPHSS. Tee times are 12 minutes apart. For social distancing purposes, this allows participants to be spread out over a longer period of time, allowing golfers to be safe while competing.

If you want to be a part of the Par-Tee, select a date asap. Participants are encouraged to share their experience with friends, family, colleagues and community as well as post photos on social media using the hashtag #gwccpartee  #partee2021 #guampartee .

Funds raised will benefit the continued support of GWCC’s mission.

What to do?
· Register online
· Select date of play
· Payment will be sent to you for processing
· GWCC will email you a confirmation date and tee time
· Expect to Par-Tee!

    Oct 30th

    We are implementing special rules to ensure safety under the circumstances of COVID-19.

    NO MASK NO ENTRY. Wear a face mask at all times. A minimum of 6 ft. physical distance with other players.
    NO NAME NO ENTRY. Only players with a reservation are allowed to enter Starts Guam Golf Resort. Name verification will be conducted at the entrance gate. Please make sure all players’ names are shown above. If not, email GWCC additional names ASAP.
    A minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 players. An 18 hole round of golf only.
    Bring your own drinks with your own icebox. Beverages, cooler boxes, and ice are NOT available.
    No Umbrellas and towels provided.
    No trash collection available on site. All players must remove their own trash.
    Locker and shower rooms are closed.
    Pin flags must NOT be touched. Do not touch, do not remove.
    No bunker rakes. Use your feet to smoothen the surface.
    Practice facilities are open but are restricted to players with a reservation for a round of golf.
    Check-in 30 minutes before tee-time. If you are late for your tee-time, you will not be able to play. PLEASE BE ON TIME.
    100% Cancellation Charges for NO SHOW or CANCEL 2 DAYS BEFORE YOUR RESERVED DATE.

    GOLF CARTS: The use of golf carts shall be limited to two persons per vehicle.

    Please leave the site soon after the play.
    No gathering at the site including car parking.

    We look forward to the pleasure of having you at Starts Guam Golf Resort.

    Reservations Department
    Starts Guam Golf Resort

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