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Good Reads

I am currently reading The Empowered University by Freeman Hrabowski, et al. As I am getting through the book, the question of why higher education matters is front and center. It sheds light on where any of us would be without the education we received. Each of us is called to tell our story about how education has made a difference in our lives and those in our community and for our society. From what I’ve read so far, the book has inspired these thoughts – to be a leader for progress, higher education must champion with key stakeholders to push the education agenda for high quality education not just for the University, but for all levels of education beginning at home and K-12. We must be partners for progress at the very start or we don’t get to move the needle very far – or, at all. Getting through the book and happy to share my thoughts after I’m done. Happy reading!

Dr. Annette Taijeron Santos

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